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Customer Experience Specialist Interview Questions


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How do you deal with a difficult customer?

1 Answer

Try to be calm and give a better solution to him/her to solve the issue

I was given profiles of a couple who would like to stay in my city of residence and asked to describe what would I recommend them to see/do while visiting.

1 Answer

Tell us something really exciting about yourself... How would you calm an angry customer...

- Last time you did something for someone and you didn't have to do. - A guest is out of the place booked and he cannot contact the host. What do you do? - What was your most difficult decision in your life

How would you act with an angry customer? Give an example of : - when you went beyond customer expectation - needed to solve complex problem - when you had to be creative How you want to work on yourself/improve your skills? How could be this useful/helpfull for Voxpro? In which area you would like to grow? Plus ordinary questions - Why Voxpro, Why you, What is customer experience ....

What was a difficult situation that you solved

1 Answer

"avez-vous déjà aidé quelqu'un sans y etre obligé ?", "quel est le plus dur emploi que vous ayez fait ?" "comment couper un cake en 8 parts égales avec juste 3 coupes ?"

1 Answer