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JPMorgan Chase & Co
Customer Care Supervisor was asked...21 November 2013

How did I handle a difficult employee.

2 Answers

That’s a very harsh answer

Terminated the employee.

State Farm

One question in particular that I remember centered on why I wanted to leave the position I was in at the time. The question wasn't challenging per sé; it was simply something I hadn't really thought about, other than the standard needs, such as more challenges, different culture, and better pay.

1 Answers

I am specifically looking to work in a different organizational culture, since I have grown extensively since college graduation. I am also looking for a place that fosters intellectual development. Less

Verizon Telematics

What is a common misconception about you?

1 Answers

That I am bossy. I am passionate and desire to have the opportunity to share ideas. I don't need all of my ideas to be implemented, but I'd like a seat at the table to be part of the discussion. Less

Integrity Home Care + Hospice

What is your management style?

1 Answers

I like to train my employees and help guide them, but I do not like to micromanage them as I do not find it be an effective way to engage employees. Less


How many orders do you process in a typical day?

1 Answers

As a manager I only do so if there is a surge in phone volume that cannot be handled by the agents, or if it is an escalated issue. Less

Benchmark Senior Living

What made you chose this career path?

1 Answers

I have always loved geriatric nursing since spending a lot of time with grandparents. Less


Are you flexible to work any hours needed? What are your strengths/weaknesses? Tell me about a time you disagreed with your manager about a policy/procedure. What was the situation and how did you handle it? How do you motivate others?

1 Answers

Yes is always the correct answer to the first question!!!! As long as it is true. Make sure to answer each question. Some questions will have multiple questions within them. Make sure to answer each one. Sell yourself. Less

The Cigna Group

Many behavioral questions. E.g. Tell me about a time when you demonstrated excellent service, tell me about a time you implemented change, tell me about a time you were faced with a difficult situation: how did you handle it? What were the end results? What is your definition of customer service? Why should we hire you?

1 Answers

Very specific examples to each question.

BrightSpring Health Services

What is your experience working with the disabled etc.

1 Answers

I told them I how I had volunteered at a place for disabled children that used horses as therapy and a camp for the mentally challenged. Less


How I handled disagreements with coworkers if on a team

1 Answers

Maintain objectivity

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