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Technical Customer Care Representative was asked...25 November 2012

create a story out of a single picture which will be assigned to you

4 Answers

ahm..what is a vacant n0w??

mam ano poh ba ang lahat ng kailangan para poh mkapasok

.OMG..This is nice ...i will take that for a challenge tome..

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American Express

Tell me about a time when you planned a method or idea and it didn't work out the way you might have expected.

6 Answers

Congratulations and thank you for posting your experience. How is training so far? Do you know if there where any offers to work Night Shift? Thanks in advance Less

Hi Do you know how I can contact a recruiter

Congrats on the offer... Hope all is going well with you. I'm in the process of applying for American Express. Do you recall the questions that were asked in the interview. Thanks in advance... Less

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CVS Health

The first part of the interview consisted of signing into a computer and watching a video on an interaction between the representative and the customer. My function with this process was to evaluate and be ready to discuss feedback gleaned from the video. The question posed to me, 'What did you think about the video?'

1 Answers

My answer, 'I didn't.....the video was not working as the company had expected. There were some technical difficulties-so we discussed the video face to face and the interviewer wrote down my responses. Less

American Express

What motivates you to succeed in your life?

3 Answers

What job is about? Do you have to offer products and services? Is it a requirement or is just customer service? Less

I am trying to find a way to check on my application with them do you have any contact information for a recruiter Less

This is where you can highlight yourself as being unique AND motivated. Use lots of enthusiasm and energy to communicate. Less

MTN Nigeria

U look like a banker, why did u come for this interview

3 Answers

Casue i want to be useful to my self and the community at large

Because i love expanding my ability range and also have a kin interest in serving and certifying customer/ consumers need Less

Because i love expanding and learning my work and ability and cause i also have a kin interest at certifying cunsumers Less


Why did I want to work there

3 Answers

I interviewed in cherry hill for this and the interview was so depressing. Every question was about making mistakes and how I would handle it! Less

The interviewer was very vague and could not answer any questions about the project Less

I wanted to work there because I wanted a job.

When I Work

Is the s or the c silent in the word scent?

2 Answers

The c is because it would be the second letter in a row that makes the same noise. Less

Late Middle English (denoting the sense of smell): from Old French sentir ‘perceive, smell,’ from Latin sentire. The addition of -c- (in the 17th century) is unexplained. Less

UnitedHealth Group

What do you know about the United Health Group?

2 Answers

what question do they ask

Mostly the usual customer service questions like give an example of how you handle upset customers, give an example. Have you ever dealt with customers that had to switch from one company to another and how did you help them feel more comfortable and happy that you were the new company to help them. HR interview mostly went over all my past positions and then the Manager interview asked all of the "How do you handle" and "Give me an example of" type questions. Less


You studied in kolkata. Then why you are here in Delhi?

2 Answers

For better opportunities

S agree that I studied in kolkatta but I was in search of some good job and company's heigh profile as well the amazon Is the best E=commerce company.. even if I works w amazon even my future will be bright... Less


tell me about yourself

1 Answers

My name are Ijamusan Olubunmi Christianah i am from Ikere Ekiti and I reside in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state Nigeria. I studied bachelor's of science in Business Administration 2015 and I also obtained master of science in Business Administration 2018 all at Ekiti State University, Ado. I have worked in several places where I obtained various administrative experiences. Less

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