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Qatar Petroleum
Construction Supervisor was asked...23 January 2019

Detail mechanical knowledge for construction

4 Answers


Yes I have basically mechanical knowledge of construction equipment.


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Della Adventure

Technical questions about construction interior works

2 Answers

Answered well and selected by interviewer.

Interested for the profile

In-N-Out Burger

Tell me your involvement in a project from start to finish

1 Answers

Gave a detailed account of a project and its design process

Kimco Realty

How many years of experience do you have in the commercial real estate construction industry?

1 Answers

successfully over 15!!!!!!!!! I have several letter of recommendation for your review. Less


Am I willing to be on call 24/7

1 Answers


Saudi Aramco

Work description

1 Answers

As per my actual experience


did you worked before in Oil & Gas field as supervisor construction and commissioning

1 Answers

Yes i worked before

There were none that could be specified it was more like a fluid conversation of my experiences and how I dealt with situations I encountered at different phases of construction development that are involved in the building process.

1 Answers

I felt I handled the interview very well, I felt very comfortable and was able to get all my points across, I feel I did well because they accepted my request for the salary of 100.000. without hesitation and were calling me back to proceed with hiring me. Less

Ervin Cable Construction

Listed above mostly about my experience

1 Answers

Straight forward and gave defined description of everything I knew how to do.

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