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Client Manager was asked...3 January 2013

Why is a tennis ball fuzzy?

34 Answers

The fuzz creates drag which helps stabilize the flight path of the ball. This principle is also used with dimples in Golf balls. Less

It has no hands to hold the razor!

To help your walker slide gently across the floor

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Blue Octopus Recruitment

Tell me what you know about us?

4 Answers

How is this "another fake review"? It seems pretty accurate in my opinion. Just because it's not what you want to hear doesn't make it "fake". Glassdoor have hardly failed, they give everyone the opportunity to express their personal experiences with companies, good or bad. It's more unethical deceiving potential employees at interview stage in my opinion. An intelligent man would listen, take the criticism on board and look at ways to improve things moving forward . What you should remember Mike, is that you are the minority, as in a long standing member of staff. The vast majority have left or been sacked and there obviously must be reasons behind this, but you are clearly unwilling to accept the reasons why. Less

With the greatest of, actually with no respect, are you being serious Mike? Your interview process is the same as your pitch, like a very, very boring and poorly rehearsed script. It's full of idealistic scenarios and lies. What more explanation is required than the fact that nobody ever stays with the business other than a handful of admin girls with no other prospects in the area and you because you're the owners mate! Listen to the people who have given genuine reviews on here and start treating people with more respect. Of course you probably don't kind people leaving I guess, particularly if they have accounts to leave you! Less

Just to let you know i was the person that wrote this original interview review. It is not in anyway a fake review and as per the other comments i hope you can take it constructively. I do not want to get into any further discussion about this but businesses improve by taking onboard feedback and learning from it. Less

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Sony Pictures Entertainment

What kind of process so you like more; target oriented or creative oriented?

3 Answers

Creative Oriented

Target oriented

I frankly do not have a recollection. It was long ago.


Would you be willing to take your 20 years of management experience and throw it away to come work for peanuts?

3 Answers

Dumbo worked for peanuts too and he was famous!!!

The top reps are making 70K plus a year. If that's peanuts, you're nuts.

Considering hard work doesn't scare most people from an opportunity with an industry leader, yes. We would. Less


Would it be difficult to adjust to a large company after working for a small one?

3 Answers

Working in a small company helped me understand all aspects of projects and i would fit well in a larger company with this better understanding, and it will give me more opportunity to focus on a smaller domain. Less

Working in a small industry we can understand role of every employee and aslo know about how to manage our resources and Management. Manage a Time is very crucious part for small and big industry for growth or expand. Thank you and best regards. Vaibhav patel Less

Hi sorry I’m looking for job security Guard supervisor door can send for me application from Less

AirSea Packing Group

What are your strengths, weaknesses, tell me how you handle difficult clients, why are you interested in this job, what are your salary expectations,

3 Answers

3 years factory experiance 4 men post i am very hard work i want job for your compny as labour so please help me Less

I have a good experience I love to work obey the rules always respect grown people animal fast worker and I catch on fast Less

And I don’t be late I’ll be on time to stay all day on the shelf I just like to stay busy Less

Bureau Veritas

What are your strengths and weaknesses ?

3 Answers

My strength is i am honest , focused with my work also I am detail oriented, self supported. Less

My weakness is I use too much phone, yes browsing is one of my hobby but some time it's not easy to calm down this habit Less

My strength is to be decipline and complete work on time and weakness is to be scared before doing a new work /job/ environment to fit in Less


Tell me about your experience at company XYZ...

3 Answers

It was a report that you would use for a client, needed to simplify it, calculate some %, etc. There were also questions about KPIs to measure clients’ success. Less

You are asked to analyse data and present it in piechart format, calculate averages. You need to be quite strong on your excel/google sheets to complete this within the allotted time. Less

Could you tell me what the test was about ?

You mentioned that you have recruited for UI Developers, what technical skills do we look for when searching for a candidate

3 Answers


computer literate

computer literate

Tungsten Network

They asked about skills and background. But also asked about what I was looking for, cultural fit and how I'd best fit into the organization.

2 Answers

I know about marketing And I'm looking for online job to fulfil my desire

I answered with what I was looking for in a company and how I could best provide value to them. Less

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