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Standard Bank Group
Cib Graduate was asked...12 May 2020

Describe yourself

12 Answers

Hello! Ive also been invited for a digital interview and I was wondering if you could please share What other questions you were asked? This would greatly help me with preparation Less

Hi there. I was asked 3 questions; describe yourself, what are the implications of covid, and if I found a lottery ticket what would I do? All the best!! Less

I'm also invited in a digital interview too. It's on the 30th. I'm so anxious about. You were only asked 3 questions? Just 3 questions? Less

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Standard Bank Group

Who is your role model?

1 Answers

Pick someone in a well known leadership position and be able to explain why they are your role model. Less

Westpac Group

Describe a stressful situation that you were thrown into without any preparation and how you coped.

1 Answers

I was once asked to EMCEE an opening event for 4000 people from non English speaking backgrounds and cultures with less than a few hours preparation and a Polish co-host with barely discernible English. As we were about to enter the stage, I began reciting our game-plan to my co host, only for her to inform me all the video we were relying on to disperse between our speaking time was no longer working. We would have to ad-Lib and fill the time in any way we could. It was terrifying, but I coped by reminding myself that the reason I was there was because someone believed in me, someone had to have the courage to get up there and do the job despite the circumstances, I’d regret not taking the chance, so we might as well just have fun with it. Less

J.P. Morgan
CIB was asked...7 January 2019

How many cabs are running in Mumbai city

1 Answers

They just wanted to test my level of thinking with such a open ended question.

J.P. Morgan

Phone call interview: On any given day there's a XX% chance that you'll find parking next to the office. What is the probability that today you'll find parking given that yesterday you found none.

1 Answers

These are independent events. The fact that there was no parking space yesterday does not influence the probability of finding parking today. The answer is XX%, as it is on any given day. Less


.NET C# questions: reference vs value types, GC, parallelism, locking, WPF, binding mode etc. A couple of algorithm-related questions E.g. User-story: write a function that checks whether I can draft a letter using a series of pre-existing words Hint: no need to consider redundancy, combinations or permutations (yup real easy) Give the related time complexity - Average? - Worst-case? private Boolean CanWriteLetter(List<String> letterWords, List<String> paperWords) { // Fill the blank } If there is say a limitation on the capacity of letterWords and paperWords, how to make it work?

1 Answers

It's too easy (no kidding)

J.P. Morgan

Given end-state of a tic-tac-toe board with perfect players - what was the position 4 moves back

1 Answers

Work backwards assuming each player must have tried and failed to win


Can you describe what was the biggest problem for you while living and studying abroad? Especially without knowing Spanish when you came. You managed to learn Spanish, to finish your University and now looking for internships. How did you handle it all in the same time?

1 Answers

Cooking. (with a session of laugh from both sides, I could say it was a good move to tell something they didn't expect to hear - and to be honest, I didn't lie) It was my dream to come here since I was a kid. That is what gave me motive and dragged me all the way through. Basically, I knew this is my chance to prove to myself that I can do what I have been dreaming about, and I didn't won't to let it go. I didn't pay much attention whether it is hard or easy, I just did it, day by day. Doing what I considered necessary to stay and work here afterwards. And I think I did quite a good job. Less

UBI Banca

pregi e difetti, dove ti vedi fra 5 anni, quali posizioni ti piacerebbe ricoprire tra 10 anni

1 Answers

solite risposte prese da internet

Standard Bank Group

If you were the President, Cyril Ramaphosa, what would you say to you people?

1 Answers

Hi, did you complete any assessments after your panel interview?

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