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Charge RN Youth Unit was asked...31 July 2016

Name a time when you had to go above and beyond your duties in a challenging situation

1 Answers

I had a patient that was ordered to be 1 to 1 observation for suicide precautions and self harm and was told by supervisor that we didn't have enough staff to do so I then called the in charge physician who called her back and she then rearranged staff that we could care for patient safely Less

attendance record

1 Answers

honestly, with direct information

Muve Health
Charge RN was asked...2 February 2018

Normal questions, what have you done in you nursing career, where do you see yourself in a company like this, what do you thinlnyou can offer to a business like this,, etc.

1 Answers


Q: How would you deescalate a situation?

1 Answers

A: I would remove the stressor from the situation and listen to both parties side of story to establish trust. Less

Fresenius Medical Care - North America

Why did you choose to apply with Fresenius

1 Answers

I stated that I did a lot of research before applying and that the people I spoke with that either were prior employees or present employees had many positive things to say about the company. Less

RN Charge was asked...21 December 2015

Why did you decide to pursue this field of nursing? What do you feel you could bring to this position due to your experience in this field?

1 Answers

I feel that drug addiction is a misunderstood health crises in this country. Drug addicts and alcoholics are demonized, instead of being helped. I believe that I have the compassion and dedication required to be of genuine help to the patients of this facility. Less

Trilogy Health Services

What made you become a nurse?

1 Answers

What is the hardest part of nursing?


My style of leadership

1 Answers

I stated I usually used the teamwork approach

McLean (CT)

Basic questions, my strong points, my weakness, what I would hope for from my employer, what was expected of me.

1 Answers

Honestly and completely.


Asked about my knowledge experience and skills,

1 Answers

Verbal conversation with Manager

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