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L&T Technology Services
Campus Recruitment was asked...8 February 2014

None... Need to have good tech skills

2 Answers

Speak of what you know and is confident in

What are things they msy ask in technical round??


1. In the first round mainly questions were based on your project. As I have developed some web applications on Django and some on Spring. He asked me about them one by one. He asked me about each functionalities which I have added in the project. It took 50 mins approx. 2. This was a technical round and Hr as well. It was very disappointment round because the time duration was about of 30 mins and you will not believe interviewer attend his phone call and talked for 20 min and I was sitting in front of my PC. Later he returned and there were 3-4 mins left and he asked me one question. He didn't even said me to leave the interview or your interview has completed. He made himself busy and I was waiting for next question. Then he suddenly said me after 2 mins that you can drop. I was very disappointing.

1 Answers

1. I showed my web application which was live and also showed him my code. In first round he asked me for detail analysis of merge sort, heap and all basic DSA. 2. He asked me about encryption in front end data and all that. Less

Publicis Sapient

Can you tell me about your experience?

1 Answers

Talked through resume and skills related to the role


What would your strategy be for attracting Students?

1 Answers

Why do you want to work for Alphasights?


You walk into your office on Monday morning. You see a note of your desk reading "Call me to discuss the P.E.P.S.I. sales method - Jim (Your Boss)". You decide to go get your morning Mountain Dew and while you are at the vending machine you run into Steve, a delivery driver, who informs you that Adam, the manager at Adam's Grocery, is replacing our Pepsi coolers in the front of the store with Coke coolers. When you get back to your office you check your voicemail. You have a voicemail from Stacy, Your boss' boss. She wants to meet up with you about the most recent void report and how to best have the facility hit their numbers. What do you do.

1 Answers

Rule of thumb is to always take of the person highest in the foodchain first. Ergo, your Bosses Boss needs to be taken care of before you boss. However, please make sure to inform your immediate boss of what you're doing so he or she is aware of what task has just been handed to you from up high. Less

Bloomberg L.P.

Unexpected: what was your GPA in college?

1 Answers

Seemed irrelevant


How are you with multiple projects

1 Answers

I plan out my day according to the relevancy of my projects and try to work a little on each project each day. Less


"Give me you life story" questions.

1 Answers

Spoke candidly to some of my recent experiences and adventures, goals, passions, etc. Less

InI Farms

Why your hair are erect, were you sleeping and coming straight after sleep?

1 Answers

My hair are naturally like this only, not even i used gel..


Name one time you made a mistake. (it was an unexpected twist on the typical “what is your weakness?“

1 Answers

Reason why I rated the experience as negative: HR. Pre-Interview: In the beginning stages, they (meaning HR) did a great job of keeping contact. I thought the interview went pretty well, I met very friendly and interesting employees. It was strictly behavioral. I really was super excited after the interview. Post-interview: I have yet to be contacted by HR and am hesitant to email them, because I do not want to be annoying. I would like to add that SEVEN weeks (going on eight weeks at this glacial rate) have passed since the final-round interview. I know they have extended offers as well as rejections approximately 2 weeks ago. So where does that leave me?!? Clearly, I am the back-up candidate (with a high probability of rejection). They are not even decent enough to send me an email telling me this. Rationalization: That being said, I understand Digitas is a fast-growing company and probably receives many applications. But as a young jobseeker, it is unnerving not to receive any response (seriously, not even a generic email!). At this point, I feel like I have been completely forgotten. Ain't nobody got time for that. Why this matters: This has completely changed my mind about the company. In the early fall, I was very excited about Digitas (seriously, I even had dreams about working there). That honeymoon period has passed. Now I am just disappointed and frustrated, which is a shame because Dtas does awesome work and has great people. Conclusion: It would be much appreciated for HR to extend some form of communication to candidates that have been through the final rounds of the interview. It is a common courtesy. As a job candidate, it is very painful, not to mention emotionally draining, to be left waiting in the dark. It also causes an unnecessary buildup of negative emotions, which isn't good for me or for the reputation of Digitas. Some might say "you should learn to control your emotions and not think about it any more." I'm only human and this was, at one point not long ago, my dream job. Quick fix: The good news is this could all be avoided for future candidates with a simple email or phone call. Less

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