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Probing questions that create an understanding of your motivation and and background but very fair

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It is best to answer honest and show that you are an individual

Thank you very much for the oppourtunity you offer me,you are so kind.Iam very eager to work in your company through the oppourtunity you will offer me.There are so many reasons that makes me to be motivated to work with you 1, I want to live permanently in your country becouse ilove your country, the peoples and the peoples life style and also i love the peoples work habit 2, Another reason is poverty.I was born in a poor family.I need to eradicate these poverty by working hardly. iam also a student at wollo university but i will graduate within after seven monthes.after graduation i want to come and work with you. please help me iam so eager.iam sure you will help me becouse you are the blessed one.

What is your favourite Log Me In product?

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What motivates you to do 30 cold calls a day?

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Why Salesforce? What is your previous experience? Nothing out of the ordinary here. Always digging for personality, character and motivation. Although at the final on-site interview (director level), I was asked if I am tough enough to handle the BDR role (you have to deal with many prospects, so rejection is a daily fact) - then I had to share my B2C phone calling experiences.

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What can you tell me about Hubspot,

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Questions about your motivations, past performance and why a sales career is of interest

tell me about a difficult situation you have experienced and how you dealt with it.

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