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why was i suited to the role?

3 Answers

my experience in my current role coupled with my driven personality

Also had a bad experience in the same way, still haven't had any word back and I interviewed and emailed for follow up back in October.

I assure you sir,I will do my level best & more for the Company's Success,Progress, & Reputation with my hard work.I had some experience in similar & variety management jobs sir.

Tell me about your background in Sales.

1 Answer

Describe how it is that you are already doing the job that you are applying for.

1 Answer

One of the 13 questions, where what is CPA?

2 Answers

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Tell me why you are looking to move from a safe environment?

1 Answer

Targets achievement history

1 Answer

They kept asking me when could I start, very insistent even though I had not received a contract

1 Answer

if you could change anything with dropbox what would it be and why?

1 Answer

Mainly based on previous experience, no particular tricky questions. Question on your management style. Question on how you deal with lead duplicate and how you could avoid it.

1 Answer

Where are you originally from?

1 Answer
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