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During a business associate interview, expect to answer questions about how you acquire and retain customers. Working with customers and colleagues is vital, so you may be asked about positive and negative experiences of interacting with both. Employers will assess your communication and organisational skills as well as a solid understanding of business strategy.

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Top Business Associate Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top business associate interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Discuss a time when you had a conflict with a colleague and how you handled it.

How to answer: It is important to show that even though you work in a stressful industry, you can curtail your emotions and not let them get the best of you. Use the STAR method to give an example of how you calmly worked with your colleague and moved forward on the project.

Question No. 2: How do you structure your day?

How to answer: As a business associate, you might find that your days can be monotonous, so the interviewer wants to know how you stay motivated and on-task. Mention how your organisational and time-management skills help you juggle issues with multiple clients and priorities.

Question No. 3: Describe an instance when you implemented a successful business strategy.

How to answer: In this open-ended question, the interviewer wants to learn about your business knowledge and how well you adhere to goals. Highlight your ability to work well with others while maintaining independence in creating the plan. You could also mention any issues that arose and how you circumvented them.

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Business Development Associate was asked...3 November 2015

You have technical knowledge so why are you applying for sales and marketing?

14 Answers

Technical knowledge helps me to think technically like to think over any new idea, it provides me a creative ideology by which i can help in growth of company, and with the help of sales and marketing I can spread it. Less

It's an in-built skill that i have and i am confident than i will achieve better success in sales than any other fields. Less

Sales and Marketing form the base of any company. From the most expensive product developed to the smallest experimental products, everything high or low needs marketing to reach the clients and customers. Marketing is the base core and I want to be a part of that core in developing the company, embracing myself with knowledge for mine and the company's growth. Less

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Why sales after b. Tech

12 Answers

Engineer's are used to solving problems, troubleshooting. My confidence and quick decision making ability can boost the performance of the company.we can understand the customer views and find the respective solutions. Less

Engineers are well know about the product in an technical way & they can easily rectify if any fault occur in that product.So,we know about how to sales & service Less

I feel that a person can excel in that particular work in which he/she has his/her interest and the respective qualities. Hence being an engineering student my interest and my best qualities are not in technical fields and coding and all..I have much more qualities and interest in this marketing and sales I want to take the advantage of these things and excel in this field by comfortably putting all my efforts. Less

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Difference betweem marketing and sales

9 Answers

Marketing includes identifying the costumer needs ,producing innovative products, providing advertisements about the product and generating awareness among the consumers. That is generating leads. It's the duty of sales person to sell the product to the costumers.That is converting the leads to purchase Less

Marketing and sales both are interlinked with each other.However marketing is about analysing the customer needs, development of the product, advertisetising the product and when the product gets into the market its task of the sales man to persuade customer to buy the product. Less

Sales target on individuals or small groups. Marketing, on the other hand, targets a larger group o the general public. 2. Marketing means generating leads or prospects. sales mean converting the leads or prospects into purchases and orders. 3. Marketing involves a longer process of building a name for a brand and pursuing the customer to buy it even if they do not need it. Whereas sales only involve a short term of finding the target consumer. Less

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ZS Associates

Case study round with 30 minutes time is a bit of a challenge.

9 Answers

when was your AMCAT test conducted ??

Guys! If I tell you my identity then what's the point of anonymity!

Hey.. Actually the purpose of asking about the date was when could I expect the interview call as I have already cleared AMCAT exam.So that info could be helpful. Less

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what are you doing ?

9 Answers

I doing business , printing and trading all printing material and part time doing wellness coach for harbalife nutrition business Less

Right now, I am sitting here to sell myself for this job for 10LPA... ; )

I'm doing job with the team of critical care Pvt. LTD, its a home care company so we used to provide nursing, nursing attendent and physio to patient at there homes. Less

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Tell me 3 qualities to hire you

9 Answers

I am focused person. I like challenges and because of my leadership quality and problem solving skills i can understand what are the needs of students as well our prestigious customers. Less

i am determined person _eager to worj and do what i think hardworker.and a true admir of the palce where i belong to ie work Less

I'm Self starter with strong interpersonal skill, wanted to become a part of leading organisation where i can enhance my skills. I can work efficiently both as an individual contributor as well as along with the team & I'm always looking for a creative solution to a given problem , I think these qualities in the employee is much important for the growth of organisation. Less

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Sell me pen.

8 Answers

Suppose we're sitting in person, and "Interviewer" don't have a Pen. (Because you gave me your pen to sell to you) I would like to ask you to please write your name on a peice of paper for me. Interviewer: But I don't have a Pen! Exactly, Create demand, and Supply. Less

Pen is a tool which not only useful to do signature but also it's shows personality of a person. I am glad to present you this Parker pen which matches with your personality. Less

I will tell you the 5 objectives of this pen first one is gorgeous look , unique color, light weight , easy to grip and the best one is lower price than it's equivalent .So Do you wanna buy this fantastic pen? which not only gives you a smooth writing also gives you a leadership personality. Less

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Two Sigma

"Where did you grow up?"

7 Answers

Unfortunate that I'm unable to find an option to edit my previous post. My career spans over 20 years in the financial arena in administrative and designing marketing collateral for global institutional asset management firms. It a sad situation where individuals such as this "marketing manager" are in positions of power to decide who moves to the next level in the interview process. It's an unfortunate truth that indeed "mediocrity rises". Less

Can you elaborate on the excel test you took?

Puerto Rico

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ZS Associates

Imagine, if you're outside a room and there are 3 (three) switches right next to you, each switch corresponds to a bulb placed in the closed room right in-front of you, how would you know without only going inside the room once, that which switch exactly corresponds to which bulb? (You can only go inside once)

6 Answers

Switch on switches 1 & 2, wait a moment and switch off number 2. Enter the room. Whichever bulb is on is wired to switch 1, whichever is off and hot is wired to switch number 2, and the third is wired to switch 3. Or switchon 1, then wait for a while and switch on 2. When you get in to the room two of the bulbs will be on but one will be much hotter although 1st one is more logical Less

There are several ways of checking the switches. Turn on switches 1 and 3 and then, after a few seconds turn of the third switch and enter the room. The light which is on is switch #1 and the hot or warm light bulb is switch #3. The cold bulb is switch #2. The same exercise can be done using switches 2 and 3 or switches 1 and 2. Less

This is too simple question & I have better answer..

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what is polygon?

6 Answers

polygon is set of finite straight line segments joined together to form a closed loop or polygonal circuit. Less

18 ▼ A finite combination of straight lines which is of closed loop to form a closed Polygonal circuit Less

Polygon is a combination of straight lines which is in a closed loop to for a polygonal shape Less

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