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Business Analyst Consultant was asked...4 February 2019

Nothing extra ordinary

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As usual


OOPS Concept of JAVA? Fundamental aptitude and logical question. Questions from Resume. Questions from Task that was given by them. Business related task question.

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Depends on your preparation.

New York City Department of Education

What would you do if you were in a meeting with people from multiple departments that were all involved in a project and your boss turns to you and says, "can you have this done in two months, right?" how would you respond?

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What are the key individuals that I would need to partner with in order to make this happen? Less

Credit Suisse

none as a such, they were mostly discussing my projects and what i bring to the table, and going through their script of q's

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Very Unprofessional Post Interview behavior, No response from vendor, no reply to emails. Less


good and adequate, focused on the role

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They asked me to code in SQL

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Provided SQL code

McKinsey & Company

Personal Experience Questions: Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict between yourself and another member of your team. How did you handle this situation? Tell me about a time when you experienced conflict within a group or organisation when you were trying to acheive a specific goal. What steps did you take to acheive this goal?

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Candidates would do well to prepare thoroughly for the Personal Experience, as acing the Case Study will not save you from poor performance in this area. Be aware that at this stage, it is a strong possibility that the majority of the other candidates will likely have a consulting or business school background. If you are coming from a different track, the advantage they will have over you is probably greater in PE than in the case study. If you cannot describe the process by which you convince someone to do a specific task in a precise and scientific manner, then you are at a considerable disadvantage to your peers. Candidates should also be aware that each theme can come up more than once, for example, both of my PE questions were extremely similar. You will need to give entirely separate scenarios for both of your answers. Less

McKinsey & Company

Tell me about a situation when you had to convince other people to follow your idea

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I had prepared for it so I went with the example I had selected from my years at university Less


I was asked early on about salary requirements and reasons for leaving my current job etc which I was caught off-guard and expecting to be asked later on.

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Be ready at point of contact to discuss your desires with Colibrium Partners. They will not reach out unless they know you are adequate--so be flattered but be ready as well. Less

Uneecops Technologies

Asked about SAP Product as Purchase process, sales process including accounting, Asked about Add-on and integration

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