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All HR questions were competencies based. There's some repetition, so be prepared to sound quite repetitive too. "How do you deal with multiple priorities?", "What do you do when there's a conflict in opinions?", etc.

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Think of examples from your past experience. Remember, communication is key and will suit as the answer to many questions.

Have you had a situation where somebody working for you was dishonest, if so how did you handle it.

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What do you think about Citi?

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One person being extremely uninterested in my responses and reading their blackberry. They generally tuned in and out over the hour long interview.

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Business case was not very clear and left room for lots of ambiguity as you would expect. Felt that the analysts in the US were not engaging with the case and did not let me expand on potential areas. Also lack of laptop hindered ecxplanation as required to hold piece of paper up to web cam rather than screen sharing via vc - seemed odd due to the high level of technology in the office.

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How many houses in the US have blue doors

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What is your biggest strength

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Why do you want to work for us?

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I think the most difficult question was in responding to the personal question which delved into personal relationships that I had with other people who I had worked with in the past. They really sought to tease out any tensions that occurred between myself and others and how I had dealt with them. They explored how I dealt with people from different backgrounds and abilities and sought great detail about my experiences and my response to them. The interviewers searched for occasions when I had been in conflict with others and how I dealt with it. Over the course of half an hour or so,They acquired a great amount of detail and really teased out my understanding of my own behaviour and how it influenced others.

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