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Fenix International
Global Benefits Administrator was asked...4 July 2019

You seem to be in a great company,why are you leaving?

3 Answers

I am actually in a great company and i'm not in really a hurry to leave but if i get a good opportunity i would love to have a specific role where i can hone my HR skills in a specific function. Less

To be challenged proffionally

I want a more challenging job than the one am doing

EF Education First

I was asked a variety of questions that allowed the team to assess not only my skills, but my personality. It was clear they wanted to learn what I could add to this company, but also what I could add to this company's culture.

3 Answers

To the company’s culture, I can add a comforting adaptation for other cultures and embrace their concerns within experience Less

By teaching the children I too could embrace their gifts and talents as well as learning the children’s drive to succeed Less

I could add an advanced higher self esteem within the student learning education

Threshold Enterprises

How well do you know Excel?

1 Answers

Was this a trick question? I feel like a wiz but could there be more to it than I know? Graphs, importing, what was the part I didn't know? Less

Artificial Grass Liquidators

If I was a certified for a specific payroll

1 Answers

No that I was not, but I had experience.

Artificial Grass Liquidators

When could I start?

1 Answers

Right away.

Action Benefits

What is your experience with Medicaid/Medicare?

1 Answers

I answered with my pharmacy related experience and how I understood the structures of formularies and how they can influence a company's choice in choosing a certain Health insurance provider. Less

David Aplin Group

What did you study at the College?

2 Answers

I explained that I did a major in Accounting and Payroll whats had allowed me to get a good base to start working here in Canada and I explained as well about my skills that I believed could help. Less

Business management


What would my idea work set up be

1 Answers

I said that Id like to have a manager who is approachable and a team that get along well Less

Jackson Hewitt

Comfort with integration and systems management alone.

1 Answers

FMLA and STD tracking.


What kind of manager I liked to work with.

1 Answers

someone that trusted the person they were hiring knew what they were doing and let them do it. They would check in with them but not micro mange them. Less

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