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UnitedHealth Group
Associate Test Engineer was asked...28 September 2013

The most surprising part was that i was even asked questions about the basic electronics in the interview round as my branch was ECE...

6 Answers

This was interview was held on 22nd September,2013. They took about 3 days after the HR round to respond back. Less


i also gave hr interview on 22sep but havn't received their call till now. Does thi mean i am not selected??? or they will call me for 2nd batch after sometime??? any idea?? Less

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Dell Technologies

Questions were based on HDL programming, which was totally unexpected, considering that it was for a software position

3 Answers

The questions were all Multiple Choice.

Thank you !:) btwn can u plz share sme info abt hw many questions asked ,and also the time duration of the round ,Thanks in advance :) Less

Can u plz temme whether they asked u to write programs or just objectives in C in the frst round Less

Qapitol QA

write a program to delete the space between words. input:"qapitol qa" output:"qapitolqa"

3 Answers

def wordDel(word): return word.replace(' ', '') print(wordDel("qapitol qa")) Less

String s = "qapitol qa"; String s1 = s.replace(" ",""); System.out.println(s1); Less

value="qapitol qa" str=value.split(" ") for i in range(len(str)): print(str[i],end=" ") Less


White box Blackbox Sdlc Stlc Types of testing Levels of testing

2 Answers

it's a behavioural based testing i.e., testing internal structural logic design and implementation of different modules Less

it's internal structural design and implementation and it's UI and UX of the product tested which is not known to the tester Less


java interfaces vs Abstract classes, pros and cons

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Eze Software

Why did you apply to Eze Software?

1 Answers

This one is really up to you.

Eze Software

What was a challenge you faced and how did you overcome it?

1 Answers

Go over what you learned during the struggle and perhaps what you could do better next time. Less

HCL Technologies

Test Plan, Test Strategy, Testing Types, Bug life cycle and Agile Methodology

1 Answers

I have attended Testing course and so it's easy for me to clear the interview

Huawei Technologies

Asked to identify how many antennas are there in a cellphone

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1 Answers

commited to work

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