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EF Education First
Associate Director of Recruitment was asked...28 December 2011

What is your management style?

1 Answers

As I was not interviewing for a manager role, I was not expecting this sort of question. Less

Hult International Business School

Presentations skills

1 Answers

They told us to prepare something to present in order to check our presentations skills as you would need to go around Europe and present the MBA program Less

Hebrew Union College

I was indirectly asked if I was a member of the Jewish faith (repeatedly). After several attempts to avoid answering the question, I had no choice but to confirm that I am not Jewish. But rather, grew up in the Catholic church. The positive energy and the interest I felt they had in me vanished. HUC is a Jewish Seminary and the posting stated that someone familiar with the Jewish faith is preferred.

1 Answers

I am not Jewish.

Northwestern Mutual

Do you have a love for people?

1 Answers

Yes, i have high emotional intelligence and have always yearned to help others before helping myself Less


Why should we hire you?

1 Answers

I am creative, tenacious, and innovative - I don't take things personally, I want to learn, grow and achieve. Less

Varsity Tutors

Please review your resume. (20 sections to prepare/1 minute to answer).

1 Answers

Apparently not very well. I have 30 years of professional experience and focused primarily on my most recent position of 16 years and the functions and skills that I see as transferable. Less


Whats your story? Tell us how you arrived to where you are?

Year Up

Why I was interested in working there. What I knew about the org.

Hunter College

How have you used data in recruitment planning?

Uncommon Schools

What would your friends say is your biggest strength? Your biggest area of growth?

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