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What would you do if your client drops 50% in sales? (Due to recession in the economy)

3 Answers

Tell me about a time you had a difficult client? What went wrong? How did you deal with it?

If its due to recession that is external causes. However there are a couple of approaches to take: 1. Analyse the industry to see if the other companies have sales revenue decrease 2. Advice the client to switch market segment or decrease prices.

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"You're a Product Manager for Android, sales are declining in your region, what will you do to improve sales in that region - tell me the steps and explain each?"

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How many golf balls can you fit in a bus?

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What do you think this role is about?

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AdWords case

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1. Sell me anything at all. (Role-related knowledge)

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3. Tell me of a situation in which you had to solve and issue in a group and how you did it. (Googleyness)

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5. Customer satisfaction is down to 80%. It is your task to increase it, how do you do that? (cognitive)

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Q: how would you explain Adwords to an old grandmother?

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What do I want the role?

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