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Assistant Site Manager was asked...13 July 2017

What would I identify as my biggest shortcoming?

5 Answers

Initially as am employee I would work hard to fit in the company. I am reliable, honest, open, and willing. I will ask for help if I need advice and seek to flourish with this group. Less

I have no biases and get along with other employees. I am not judgmental, aggressive, dishonest, prideful, greedy, arrogant or racist. Pease, loving, understanding, and helpful. Less

This is a question most people beat themselves up over daily. I believe my biggest shortcoming in my professional life would be overthinking what I am doing and pushing to hard for perfection. Less

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Why do you want switch over?

1 Answers

There is no end of best. Always looking forward to diversify my carrer.


General interests and knowledge of the advertising industry.

1 Answers

Replied positively about Digital Marketing and how eagerly I was to get into the industry. Less

Best Service Pros

What was your previous job and what did you do there.

1 Answers

They expecting you to answer them with proffesional manner.

The Excelsior Group

When have you had to deal with conflict in your career?

1 Answers

I gave example of when a resident was upset at my current position and how I handled it. Less

Plano ISD

Would you be able to give discipline to a friend?

1 Answers


Hatch Staffing

Tell us a little about yourself

1 Answers

I apologize for your experience but appreciate your feedback. Our interview process is long and to not receive feedback from us is unacceptable. We will make immediate changes to our internal hiring process to ensure better communication moving forward. If you would be so kind as to contact me directly, I would like to get a better understanding of where we dropped the ball. Less


do you want the job

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

Being a project manager.

KMG Prestige

Experience, situations that could come up questions. It was comfortable and pleasant. Really asked questions to get to know me and my personality and style. Asked if I had questions.

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