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Assistant Media Planner was asked...26 August 2010

What is one thing you are currently working on about yourself?

3 Answers

I answered that recently with my current job search I have been trying to spend less time working on looking for my ideal job and more time for myself to get my mind of things outside of looking for a job. The interviewer quickly retorted jokingly that this position would make it hard for me to do that with the amount of work and hours I would put in. Less

The above answer seems like it would not get someone a job. I think saying that you are working to become more familiar with the industry by reading books and trade magazines more consistently. Less

I don't think you should play into the media planner's hand on this. Be honest, have integrity, and say something meaningful you are working on. Examples: "I'm trying to listen more intently to others" or "I'm trying to expand my knowledge by reading more books." Make yourself a well-rounded candidate. Less


Speak to your previous experience on your resume? Why media? Are you familiar with some of the media tools in the industry? Strengths/weaknesses? Are you a team player?

3 Answers

No, I did not have a video interview. One phone interview with three employees.

I also had a video interview with dentsu Aegis, then an invitation for an in person interview with Carat. Are they the same? Less

Hi, I am not sure if you will get this message, but did you have a video interview before your in person interview? Less

Riley Hayes Advertising

What are your plans following graduation

1 Answers

Hoping to move to Minneapolis and move into an agency role.

Garage / Team Mazda

If you were a tree, which one would you be?

1 Answers



What is your favorite current Mullen campaign?

1 Answers

At the time is was a life insurance commercial that was particularly tearjerking. Less


What work experience do you have?

1 Answers

As a recent college graduate I was only able to speak to my internships.

Carmichael Lynch

Why Carmicheal Lynch?

1 Answers

I am really impressed with Carmicheal Lynch's portfolio and clients and I am highly interested in working with these clients and media planning. Less


Have you looked at our website?

1 Answers

The website was broken from before my first speaking with someone and is still down as of this writing. Less


Do you like competition?

1 Answers

I told them that I preferred to focus on competing with outside threats. To which I was told that the firm hosts in house sales competitions amongst the employees for bonuses. Considering the nature of the business they are in and the relatively small company size compared to big publishers, I feel they should work together to add more customers. Less


Why am I interested in the position?

1 Answers

As a recent college grad I was especially eager to gain experience in the media world. I knew that I would be able to learn a lot about the position and company in order to learn where my career should go. Less

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