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SNP Schneider-Neureither & Partner
Office Position- Dual Roll - Office Manager/Human Resources Assistant was asked...28 August 2018

I asked why the position was available and was told the current employee was not meeting expectations.

3 Answers

My thought is that not so sure this person isn't meeting the expectations, but that the expectations aren't clear. Less

Follow your gut and run away. The lady you interviewed with is pretty scary and abusive. I dont understand how shes still employed with that company. As long as shes there, nobody is safe in the HR/Administration department. Less

Thankfully she has moved on from the Company.

Cikautxo Taurus Flexibles

Personal Introduction & About my experience

2 Answers

Very Precisely

I’m currently pursuing my final year in BBA at Symbiosis University Pune, and I’m searching for a placement in the field of HR. I’ve an experience of 10 months in Recruitment and Selection, as well as Onboarding and Training altogether during my internships. Less

What makes you want to be HR Manager? and how can you prove your ability? (the same question will be asked, when applicants apply for Health Care Assistant Roles)

1 Answers

I communicated my skills, and demonstrated my ability. (For Health Care Assistants, the interview will be based on your conduct, and if we can detect a genuine Caring nature, if there are things you are unaware of, you will be trained.) Less

Send My Gift

All Relevancy to my JD

1 Answers

Since we have work exp it was on tfrack flow...

Finitiatives Learning India (FLIP)

What do you know about FLIP?

1 Answers

Even though for a lot of interviews, people do not want to do a lot of research before their first interview; as an HR I feel that I shall be prepared with some information about the kind of work the company does, culture of the organisation, and the values that guide the decision making. So, I talked about what they do, about their employee strength, and what is their motto. Less

Possit Skill

Why skill development ?

1 Answers

Want to contribute to the society in some way.


Describe your best project and your contribution to it

1 Answers

I described the complete idea to execution and results of a major project I had done in a previous company Less

Visiting Angels

What would you do if a client was unhappy with a Caregiver?

1 Answers

Have you worked with or cared for an elderly person?

Miles Education

Again a Skype round was taken

1 Answers

Here,it was taken as if I never attended the telephonic round.I found it so surprising Less

HUB International

Have you worked in the Insurance line of work before? How flexible are you about being under pressure? What is the reason you decided to apply here?

1 Answers

No I have not worked in insurance before. I am very flexible and work better under pressure than not. I like to learn new things and find challenges fun and interesting. Less

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