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Asset Protection Specialist was asked...28 February 2020

Tell me a time were you made a mistake and what did you learn from it for the next time.

11 Answers

Learning everyday is good but shouldn’t think you know everything live is not perfect keep going what you know how you know just do your best Less

Always do it right the first time so you doing have to do it again ask questions don’t blame no one just tell other person your sure may be other can help team work Less

Just ask questions let the manger know and learn

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Tell me about a time you had to deal with an angry guest.

8 Answers

I calmly talked to the angry guest and asked what is wrong and explain the situation to breathe in and out or simply relax to explain . See what I can do about it Less

Just be come tell them sorry have a nice day thank you

A customer approached me with a product that was out of date and she was yelling at me i let her when she stopped i calmly explained to her that i was only a merchandiser and that that was the reason i was there i simply took her and the product to customer service where she got the product that was in date i calmly told her have a blessed day. Less

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Best Buy

Tell us about a time you went above and beyond to help out a customer?

5 Answers

I have bin a retired NYPD sergeant S/A from the ESU unit I have great ability to watch and see what is going on at Best Buy Less

the main thing i do is watch to make sure no body steals any thing

My hole life has bin saving people bridge rescues and Hostage resue

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What is one of your weaknesses?

3 Answers

Never say "time management" is a weakness. Sorry to be rude, but that is not a good answer. Less

I have no weakness when it comes to performing my job but I tend to be too nice and too kind to everyone, I think some people sees that as my weakness. Less

One of my weaknesses is time management. I am too stubborn sometimes to admit when I need help finishing a project within a deadline and I attempt to do it all myself, sometimes creating a stressful work situation for myself however, It also gives me the motivation I need to finish the project quickly and efficiently. Less


Tell me about a time where you went above and beyond for a guest.

3 Answers

i had a guest who needed assistance that i wasn’t fully capable to give to her , so i went out of my way to find someone who could assist them. After finding the assistance she needed i made it easier for her to find what she was looking for and apologizing for the hassle it costed then told her to have an amazing afternoon. Less

I would teat guest li would like to be teated

Guest would buy special made boxes of product and some are elderly I would help them carry it to their car by boss permission though Less


Do you have any experience in descalating situations

2 Answers

yes, I have descalated many situations while working in a prison.

Absolutely. Working security I’ve had to de-escalate situations when employees were irate about any and everything. You have to be polite and firm. Less


What would you do in a provoked situations? How would you calm down a high stress situation?

2 Answers

If provoked, I would stay calm and attempt to de escalate the situation, while also taking control. To calm down in stressful situations, I always try to take deep breaths and remember my training. Less

I would take a breathe and not take it personal. I would try to take control of the situation and be as nice as possible for the situation given. Less

Best Buy

You've just witnessed an employee walk to the front of the store, take a candy bar, unwrap it and eat it without paying. You feel that this is somewhat routine and has happened before. What would you do?

2 Answers

by telling security they can now watch employee. if employee is "taking" a candy bar, what else are they "taking"???? Less

My answer and first instinct was to tell security. He said that I was the first one ever in his interviews to say this. This is the answer to remember, and the one to use. Notifying a manager is correct as well, but telling security makes you seem more intuitive in the circumstances. Less

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At times we all have to deal with difficult or angry customers. Tell me about a time when you were in this situation and how did you deal with it? What was the outcome?

2 Answers

Truth of the matter is, we've all been in this situation (unless you haven't worked before). Be honest and don't try to sugar coat your reaction to the situation. A manager, especially in retail, will understand. Trust me. Less

I have worked in the back office and had to deal with angry customers. Phone calls can be just as upsetting as face to face meetings. Less


Why do you want to do this job?

2 Answers

I find loss prevention and investigations interesting, and would like to see my work make a quantifiable difference in the store. Less

I have always had an interest in security, which is why I have done security on and off for years, but I have a specific interest in asset protection with Walmart because I would be able to keep customers, and associates alike, safe while also helping Walmart mitigate their losses from theft. Less

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