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Which type of different scam or fraud can affect youtube raking?

4 Answers

deceptive content

Can you please provide more examples of the questions asked in the interview?

Buying likes/thumbs up to give perception of a very popular video

Roulette table, numbered 1,2,3,4,5. Each roll, you are awarded cash at the value rolled. if you roll 50 times, what are the chances of receiving more than $170?

5 Answers

If you were in a room with three light switches, and you could not see out of the room and you could only leave the room once. The three corresponding light bulbs are in another room. How do you tell which light switches belong to which bulbs?

3 Answers

If I had unlimited sticks, a lighter, and each stick takes an hour to burn from end to end. How would I time 45 mins?

3 Answers

How would you improve Facebook's advertising features?

1 Answer

How many houses in the US have blue doors

2 Answers

If there was a conflict of interests within the team during a meeting, how would you deal with it?

2 Answers

Fill a 2d array, A, such that the value at A[row][col] is lower than all those above it in the array, and lower than all those to the left of it in the array.

2 Answers

How many barbers were there in Ireland?

2 Answers

A coding question. You have a list of integers, how do you write a code to find the largest integer in the list and the number of times it appears?

2 Answers
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