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AML Compliance Investigator was asked...26 November 2020

What are your salary expectations

1 Answers

Sgd6500 per mth

AML RightSource

Why do you want to work for AML rightsource

1 Answers

It is a growing company and offers experience in Anti money laudnering

Partners Group

Why are you applying if your background is in a different industry.

1 Answers

Because you sought me out for this position and I never applied for it, so I’m here to learn why you believe this would be a good fit for both of us. Less


How would you launder $100,000.00?

1 Answers

I WOULD NOT! I think this was a trick question to judge the ethical values and respect for regulations. Less

Western Union

On a scale of 1 to 10 rate your skill with Microsoft Excel.

1 Answers

Job description said they wanted someone with intermediate excel skills. I said 7, but have no idea what number they were looking for. Less

Western Union

In 30 seconds or less, tell me five things you can do with a pen other than use it for writing.

1 Answers

1. Change its refill. 2. Click it. 3. Whistle with the pen cap. 4. Use it as scale. 5. Make a hole with the pen nib. Less

Keytrade Bank SA

Algemene vragen over mijn ervaring. Vragen over loon verwachting.

1 Answers

Algemene antwoorden. Het loon dat werd vooropgesteld was 60.000 € bruto. Geen bedrijfswagen. Geen bonus. Less

Gabriel Partners

Do you know what we do here?

1 Answers

Why should we hire you?


Questions weren't particularly difficult, although they did seem intent on finding gaps in your cv

1 Answers



Tell about what you are recently identified on screening process

1 Answers

6 Month ago while Investigated on name screening process persons name are different example (Paul Adams Smith) and (Allan Johnson Smith) previously this case was closed has name mismatches but I'm not satisfied with closer and I drilled the both persons information after I find out both are in same country, same address and even same DOB for both person after lot of effect I identified both are twins there name is (Daniel smith) Less

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