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Agent Assistant (Brand Partnerships) was asked...15 August 2021

What is your experience? Why would you like to work for WME?

1 Answers

I was told the starting rate was $18.00 hr and asked if I would like to proceed. My experience was listed on my submitted resume. I was screened out of the interview process after speaking for a few minutes. "Diversity Statement for Endeavor Endeavor unites and brings people together in our love of sport, culture, and entertainment. We under‐ stand this can only be accomplished when we harness the entirety of our company and lead with a lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion in everything we do. It means that we engage in anti- racism and allyship the way we do anything. Fiercely and Fearlessly. As a global company that drives culture we endeavor to reflect the world’s diverse voices both internally and externally to en‐ sure success in our mission." Less


What magazines do i read? more precisely what international magazines do I read? Where did my interest in fashion start? What do I know about diesel?

1 Answers

Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Numero I am very observant and meticulous to details therefore fashion has always been an interest to me as its a representation of who you are and for first impressions probably the most important. Searched about past seasonal collections (both Diesel Black Gold & Diesel) Less

Innovative Artists Talent & Literary Agency

What type of agent do you want to be?

1 Answers

Talent Agent. I work with high end models turned actors.

State Farm

Previous confrontations with clients, and how did you handle it?

1 Answers

Explained a situation I had had before and how I had used it to be an opportunity to create a stronger professional relationship with them by bringing to light how I legitimately had their best interest in mind Less

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

Questions are confidential.

1 Answers

How can I apply for a FBI job?


Why I resigned from my former (not current)employer?

1 Answers

I explained the fact that one has to live a life based on choices and if one is not content with the job they have or feel they are not valued/challenged enough then it should be ok for them to explore other options available so that they get to appreciate and learn from the diversity. This will help them serve the employer better because they feel motivated to do so since they chose to follow a given career path of their choice. Less


what do you know about wave? why you would want to leave your company and join wave?

1 Answers

Wave is on a mission to make Africa the first cashless continent where 10 percent of the population have no bank accounts. Am passionate about technology and would love to be part of a product that is changing many peoples lives in Africa. Less


Why are you leaving an established company for the new child on the block?

1 Answers

Established company yet overstayed on low levels Having so much to look at in form of KPIs I ended up losing focus. I wanted change. I also wanted to establish myself on one aspect of life and specialise in it. Wave has this value: We focus ruthlessly on the most important thing. I surely needed to focus on my career growth Less

Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

I went through interests, notable experiences, and passions.

RP Management

Do you have any education or do you just think you can do this job because you think you'd be good at it?

1 Answers

Wow. I'd been doing the job for 20-yrs, which he knew, as we discussed it. Was caught off-guard at the condescension and explained that the job description didn't mention needing an advanced degree as a requirement, to which he responded that he never read the job description. Pretty dismal attitude, overall. Less

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