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Médecins Sans Frontières
Assistant Accounting Manager was asked...29 January 2018

Have you ever managed a project to a success? If yes, how did you manage? What is the most difficulty situation you have encountered during the process of implementation? How did you overcome it?

4 Answers

Yes,I managed a project to the best end.

The most difficult situation encounter was the business entity concept.This was lacking from the head of the institution because he was not not on payroll. How I managed was to be focused in handling my work without fear and favor. I also withstood the tension that came and I maintain professionalism. Less

I was force to work over time to correct most error by some staffs

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Banco De Oro

Personal questions

4 Answers

Did they call you again? Or still waiting also?

Yes, they gave me an application form and discussed their benefits. I havent received a call yet. It's almost 3 months already Less

Did they give you a pre employment requirements like medical, sss, etc?

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How much salary you accept ?

3 Answers

As per company standard.

18000 per month

18000 per month

Ark Workplace Risk

Why this role? Tell me about what to you about this role? Tell me 3 things that make yourself viable for this company.

3 Answers

I personally don't see anything wrong with these questions, if you think that someone is trying to 'catch you out' by asking them these questions then you clearly have insecurities about the answers you'd give. Less


*By them asking these questions rather

Galadari Brothers

how many years is your experience in Intercontinental hotel Dubai UAE?

2 Answers

almost 20 years of service in f/b dept..

i dont have any experience in hotel field

Walter Mart

why should we hire you?

2 Answers

I ensure myself to be an individual who can effectively apply my skills and knowledge and also I can give my best to satisfy the customers. Less

Because i a kind of person who suits in this kind of kind . besides i know how handle customer being polite and passionate and most of all to give them a genuine smile and service Less

Paperchase Accountancy

Why we depreciation charge?

2 Answers

Depreciation is expenses of business.

With time our assets looses the value so depreaciation balances the value

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association

Tell me about an important project you took part in. What was your role, and what was the outcome.

2 Answers

Had to rely on a school example here, as I stated previously I had just graduated from college. Less

Did they offer you employment to work online or in a office

The Jim Pattison Group

Where do you see yourself in next 3 years?

2 Answers

I said I would like to become an office manager after developing and honing my accounting and interpersonal skills Less

At a position were I can take decision for the upliftment of company. From BOSS to LEADER. Bring up the Talent and narture them at their pinnacle. A company is known the the people the retain not by the numbers of hiring. Less

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