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Research Analyst Interview Bengaluru (India)

You have 9 digits 1-9. Partition them into two sets S1 and

  S2. Make a number (any) using the digits of partition S1. Call this x. Similarly do it for S2. Call it y. the product p=xy. What should the numbers x and y be to maximize p.

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97531 * 8642

Anonymous on 31 Mar 2011

Its actually 87531*9642

Anonymous on 31 Mar 2011

can you please give and explanation, as of how you reach at this conclusion?

Anonymous on 15 Jul 2012


Start by adding digits to the numbers from left to right. Its easy to see that the numbers should begin with 9 and 8.

The trick is to add the next biggest digit to the smaller number so that it multiplies the bigger number.

9 8
9 87
96 87
9642 8753
9642 87531

Aditya Gupta on 16 Aug 2012

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