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Network Engineer Interview Dublin, Co. Dublin

Whole datacenter design to deliver services based on users


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Can you please let me know what is been asked for the coding interview(during ur 3rd interview)?

Anonymous on 30 Nov 2017

The coding interview was about solving small problems: sorting data, parsing network device output.
Programming languages could be chosen freely (I chose Go and Python).

Anonymous on 30 Nov 2017

Can you please let me know what are the behavioral questions that are been asked? Is there any design questions related to networking?

Anonymous on 4 Jan 2018

I don't really remember about behavorial questions but I do remember about questions like "what was a project you think you've done well?", "what was a project you think you've done wrong?". I think that the behavior evaluation was mostly done during the lunch when you eat when someone from the team you'll work in if you get in.

Design questions about networking were mostly about BGP and datacenter fabrics (which is something I was not good into, I work in an network operator environment). It was quite interesting to be honest but quite hard for me. My technical interviewers were looking for answers where you'll have to use both networking and system/coding solutions. The questions could never be answer only with networking skills (like how to load balance in 50/50 traffic between to upstream providers).

Anonymous on 19 Feb 2018

What was the networking phone screening focused on?

Anonymous on 14 Nov 2018

Mostly protocols such as BGP. One of the questions was "What is your favorite protocol?". This is not a simple question, actually I needed to explain why and had to get in a lot of details about the protocol that I mentioned. So choose wisely if you are asked this question.

Anonymous on 15 Nov 2018

Can you please let me know details for coding interview ..
1.how many questions ?
2.do we need to solve them or logic is enough ?
3. there main area of focus

Anonymous on 15 Apr 2019

I have my first round scheduled in June first week. Can you please help me out with the topics I need to cover?

Anonymous on 4 May 2019

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