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What is the philosophy of Martial Arts?

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Fighting is the last option

SnoopDougieDoug on


Wax On. Wax Off.

Nav C. on


I had no answer derived from a sensei.

Anonymous on


Mind over matter

LucyGrey on


There is no spoon...

Mark on


the only unifying philosophy that comes to mind for me is that martial artists seek to be prepared for something.

pt on


My favorite: Expect the unexpected. From the old TV show Kung Fu. Who doesn't love Grasshopper?

Kelly M. on


Peace through power.

00Cinnamon on


Martial arts have a strong philosophical belief of the flow of energy and peace. The Martial Arts are considered both an art for its dynamics of body movement as well as a science for its systematic application in relation to anatomy, physics, philosophy, hoplology and criminology.

Bhasi Bahuleyan on


Defense through concentration., Sustain then attack

Arjun on


Why do interviewers waste peoples time with questions like this? Ask direct questions: based on what I've told you about the position and what you know, do you think you can do this job? Do you have supporting evidence? Etc. Maybe toss in biggest challenges group has faced in past year and ask interviewee how they would have handled it. These tricky open-ended questions are so stupid, shows the interviewers inability to formulate questions which extract usable info about the person and their fit.

MrZ on


Balance in mentioned by Mr. Miyagi in Karate Kid ...yeah, balance is so important in martial arts to be successful and the same applies to all aspects of life in the sense, we need to try to achieve a balanced approach to different aspects of life like family, love, money, etc.,

SS on

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