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Operations Support Analyst Interview

-London, England

Intercontinental Exchange

Some basic Linux questions and how you'd deal with customer queries. Standard HR questions really. Why i'd left my last job etc.

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Did you get the position?

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The questions were mostly ok but the most senior person on the call who was based in the US was very difficult which is fine I thought, they want to test to see how you'd deal with difficult customers I suppose but he was downright rude at times and didn't like it it when I pushed back a bit. At one point he said you seem to have a 2 year itch because you leave jobs every 2 years. Even though I was in the job before last for 5 years (!) Ofcourse I pointed this out. He questioned why I didn't answer one of the video questions but I explained I didn't want to waffle if I didn't actually know the answer. I mea n you've decided to bring me in anyway so whats the big problem. The process took far too long, the HR screener I get, the video interview I had to make more time for and I feel was a waste of time as was talking to 6 different people all afternoon. They also cancelled my first face to face after I spent an hour getting to the city but I can forgive this as emergencies happen and they had systems down. What I can't forgive is that I did my research on the company, I answered their questions and I made the time for all the interviews and when they rejected me, the HR lady who was very friendly and seemed keen for me to come in and explained how they really wanted to see me, gave me a generic rejection email and no response at all when I asked for feedback. Now I can guess I was probably not technical on the role and they decided not take a chance but after I spent all my time, give the courtesy of an honest constructive feedback rather then a canned response.

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