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Name something you are proud of. How many cars are sold each year in the U.S. Teach me something. What is something that you may have stretched on your resume

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They want to see your thought process for figuring out quantitative questions, your ability to teach in a clear walk-through manner, and transparency/honesty.

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I am proud of the Software Development Countless cars are sold in the U.S. each year We need to improve second by second in order to teach somebody I have mentioned the nature of work on my profile.

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Through questions like this, interviewers are mostly trying to test your skillset (and its relevance to the role) as robustly as possible, so be prepared for multiple offshoots and followups. It could be a useful exercise to do mocks with friends or colleagues in Qualtrics to get a real sense of what the interview is actually like. Alternatively Prepfully has a ton of Qualtrics Product Specialist experts who provide mock interviews for a pretty reasonable amount.

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