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If you were a box of cereal, what would you be and why?

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Chances are, I'd be cardboard. Because that is what cereal boxes are typically made of.

Ed on


I would be honey. Because I'm sweet, and I seem to hold all the flakes, fruits, and nuts in this box together.

Erica Kuno on


I'd be Frosted Flakes because "Thhhhhhey're Grrrreat!"

Lex on


I would be something like cheerios, classic and traditional, but with the most kick-ass cereal box toy ever.

Paul Heintzelman on


cheerios-children love them...

=z= on


I'd be really delicious for the first 3 minutes and then I'd be mushy and gross and you'll have to feed me to the cat, who would snub it's nose at it, and stand in the kitchen looking at your with those big, gooey eyes, until you either caved and pulled out a can of tuna, or picked it up and threw it out of the window.

Jeannie on


Shredded Wheat or Wheaties in a recycleable box made of uncoated recycled paperboard.

C magnus on


Trix. Because Trix are for kids.

MiniBooger on


What would I be - and why ? I'd be a box of cereal - dummy....DUH... Why ? Because you said so...DUH again... Next question.

Anonymous on


Wheaties....with a picture of me on the box.

Anonymous on


Trix. Because that's what I turned in my last job.

Anonymous on


I would be frosted shredded mini wheat cereal because it's sweetened with sugar but still filing and good for you!

Hillary on


Fruit Loops.

Pollywog on


I'd be All Bran because I need to take a dump.

Poopy on


Delicious flavor that everyone loves

Adikin on


I would definitely be Special K, because if I don't think highly of myself enough, to think that there is a special flake of greatness in me, who will?

Allex on


Life and Kix. Because my Life is a box of Kix.

Celia on


Snaooy, Crackly and popped out if the box - with all side effect in LARGE PRINT as well as ingredients and side effects!

Sanda Kriistal on


well it depends on what brand of cereal i.e Kellogs etc, yet whatever I would serve as a promotional toy to be offered as an incentive to the company's work force.

Prashant Sadrani on


Cinnamon Toast Crunch because a) it’s the only good kind of cereal, and b) I always bounce my left leg and then relates to being hyper which relates to too much sugar which relates to too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch. BUT YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH!

Ryan on


I'll be a big box , so that I can store alot of cereals and benefit my user

Rajvir Singh Rajput on


I'd be sweet and nutritiousness, that can be eaten dry or with milk. But the best part, I'd still have an awesome toy inside.

Jim on


The question already states I am a box of cereal so I would be a box of cereal because that is what the question says I would be. The word "type" [of cereal] is missing.

Brian on

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