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Graduate Software Engineer Interview Athlone

I show them my IOT project which works with the MQTT

  protocol. They ask what other protocols are available for IOT.

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I answered them that I have no idea. (lolz)

Interview Candidate on 30 Mar 2018

BTW,what's the content roughly of 1:1 basics coding exercise.

Hi,dude. on 7 Apr 2018

If you ask ROUGHLY, it's like a list of incomplete small programs you need to complete/solve. Like a in-class CA. The purpose of this is to understand how you solve problem (logical thinking stuffs).

Anonymous on 9 Apr 2018

I am not from coding background and have my knowledge limited till functions. Hardly I know anything about classes and objects and other OOPS concepts. So are the questions more inclined towards OOPS concepts or can they be solved without OOPS?

valm on 12 Jul 2018

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