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How many years of experience do you have if any as a driver for a verifiable business. (if its less than 12 months then you are disqualified)

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2 year experience drving and 5 year sales

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A mixture of sales and driving is a safe bet to have, but when you have a shady owner w/ limited training programs in place it really doesn't matter on the experience you had previously since you will be relearning new material while on the go anyways. What you should have in place is a learn as you go program for those lacking in order to fill those vacant job spots before more drivers start to switch over to other routes owned by other capable 3rd party business owners. (remember you do not work for FedEx - you work for these 3rd party route owners so your benefits are limited and you are treated as a contract worker or 1099) Note: If you are a route driver presently and want to quit your current route you can contact another 3rd party route owner who will higher you on the spot. The pay for the most part will be around the same but you will have a chance to make the transition quick and without having to relearn anything. Most 3rd party route owners keep that information to themselves in order to keep there competition hidden, but in reality a route driver can moved between route owners very easily.

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