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-Horsforth, England


How many street lights would you say there are in the UK?

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Hi, please can you shed some light on the mathematical questions you had to do in 15 mins? Were they problem questions (with words and numbers) or just a load of sums you need to do fill in? I have an interview and am worried... I am numerically dyslexic (dyscalculia) so need to thoroughly practice before it!!! thank you

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They are a mixture of questions. Some are just sums and others are written form, eg. Ane is 2 years younger than Dave, and Scott is double the age of Dave etc. they can be pretty wordy but I'm honestly not sure they are bothered about this section! There are plenty of examples online though :)

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I wish everyone good luck at the maths tests etc. but seriously don't get too worried over interviews at TPP. As you can see from this website , they have come across to many many people as a deeply unprofessional and odd company who still havent learned how to treat either their interviewees or their staff with common courtesy. Notice that loads of people have had bad interview and employment experiences with them (see wikijob for further examples), but apart from one case they haven't even replied to the reviews to apologise. Take it from me, its a huge red flag when a company just ignores negative feedback like that and refuses to apologise. It shows a basic lack of respect for people as human beings, and you shouldn't be putting up with this sort of thing. Also, if its your first interview be aware that TPP is not representative of graduate employers in general, if you find you get treated in an odd, dismissive or rude way don't worry about it and try not to let it knock your confidence. Remember its not you, its them! Save your worries for a company who will actually treat you right. Remember there are 27+ one and two star employee reviews that have been written about this company (the majority of the reviews on this site), don't just ignore them!

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Actually I have experienced interviews from similar types of companies and never has anything so weird come up before. Anyway, blessing in disguise that I didn't end up working for TPP!

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Actually it's an easy question. You just did not experience the interview questions of consulting companies. They normally ask you this type of questions. It's for testing your logic analysis skills. Find online then you'll know how to learn the techniques.

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