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EirGrid Management FAQ

Read what EirGrid employees think about management at the company.

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9 September 2021

How is management perceived at EirGrid?


- A lot of extremely talented employees with extremely valuable skills and insight into the industry (though retention rate is abhorrent). Most of the people at non-mgmt level are just lovely, eager to share knowledge, and keen to mentor others. - Area of work is fascinating, exciting and full of opportunity in terms of career experience - Potential to do so much more, which makes it so tragic. I hope will be the case in the future. - Job security as recession-resilient business. - For younger people an excellent experience in terms of getting your foot in the door into the energy sector.


- Usual semi-state bureaucratic b.s dominates the business modus operandi. Runs by a hierarchal structure that is oppressive, only values toeing the line. - Management and senior execs seem to be masters of waffle and pompous rambling...but barely lift a finger. Most senior managers I've worked under are careerists , and couldn't really give a hoot about the power system itself or energy policy. Listening to them speak to THEIR seniors with all smiles and reverence in one meeting, and then with disdain and indifference to their own subordinates is an apalling sight. If I had to pinpoint the issues of the company on one thing, it would be this. - Change and innovation moves at molasses' pace. Again linking to the previous point, incompetent managers will NEVER move to progress a policy or workstream offered by one of their team members unless it 'looks good' to management. Higher stratum of management operates as a pure echo chamber.

Advice to Management

- Give senior management the serious shakedown it needs, and find more productive ways of getting employees to actually report on how they are finding management's treatment of them...and ACT on it. I am convinced that more than half of the managers I have reported to just "watch other people work" as their entire job, who feel we should be marched back into the office just so their existence is justified. Incompetent managers are polluting the business. - Stop hiring contractors to do everything just so you can circumvent giving employees adequate training or interesting work they can take true responsibility for. How a company can profess to be so strategic and amibitious in one hand (2030 renewables targets, Shaping Our Electricity Future etc etc.) and yet so profoundly myopic in terms of its people management with the other is staggering. Most of the people I work with day-to-day CLEARLY have the passion for electricity and decarbonisation, but just feel downtrodden. Why aren't you doing more to keep that talent in the business? It would pay off massively in the long run. - The WFH policy (60% in office, 40% at home) is going to be a disaster zone when it's rolled out...simple as. It doesn't make sense with this nonsensical booking system and hotdesking, the entire workforce (teams and directorates) will become displaced and confused immediately, and an exodus will ensue. Rectify this: give people freedom and flexibility. For example, those of us with children should NOT have to go into the office for the sake of it, let the work dictate whether that's truly necessary. Times have changed and it's time to decarbonise working. Why EirGrid didn't want to lead by example with this I just cannot figure out, and actually serves as a microcosm for the 'talk the talk, not walk the walk' experience I've seen elsewhere in the business. - My recommendation to young people in the business (or those who have shifted career) is to take the experience and then move to a company in the industry that will actually harness your talent, value and appreciate your skills and capabilities. You are being exposed to what is a toxic workplace that has shown nothing but intransigence in terms of fixing what so sorely needs addressing.

Again linking to the previous point, incompetent managers will NEVER move to progress a policy or workstream offered by one of their team members unless it 'looks good' to management.

9 September 2021

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