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22 June 2022

How is management perceived at Dynamic Resources?


* Great team (you'll work with amazing people); * Amazing clients (you'll be in contact with great brands and will deal with very nice clients, some of them are the dream brands of every person in this kind of business); * Nice office (the installations are quite comfortable and the office has a very nice design).


* Bad Management (The managers doesn't know how to develop the team to their full potential and the directors are very messy. Some are very rude and has no idea on how to treat or deal with their employees); * Low salary (They always hire people with a low salary, even if they have a very good amount of experience); * Lack of development (They do not train in properly into the roll and most of the times expect you to know something even if you have never do it in your life before. And also are not willing to show you how is done. There are no incentives to learn inside the company). * Lack of opportunity (This company doesn't give much opportunity to their team. There is not much space to grow although that's what's they sell during your interview.) * Huge turn over (Hard to find someone that is working in the company for over a year. Most people stay just for a few months, making hard to create and develop skills or even rely on your co workers. Every month you have one or two people handing their notices).

Advice to Management

* Start leading the staff. Your team should work with you and not just for you. People should find pleasant to work with the managers and the directors. They should feel comfortable and safe to speak with their leaders and that's not what happens there. * Create culture. Implement programs to bring the staff together, to make them want to learn more, make them want to create more and actually put in place something that it's beneficial not only for the company but also to them. * Recognition should be better explored. A company is build by people and management in this company has trouble on that department. Lack of recognition and opportunities is what makes so this company have such a high turnover.

Bad Management (The managers doesn't know how to develop the team to their full potential and the directors are very messy.

22 June 2022

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