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Staff Kitchen Manager
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Kitchen Staff/Kitchen Manager Insights

Read what Kitchen Staff/Kitchen Manager professionals have to say about their job experiences and view top companies for this career.
Urban Air Trampoline ParkUrban Air Trampoline Park
Kitchen Manager
16 Oct 2020

“If you have a good franchise Your park leads and managers can make your day great.”

Kitchen Hand
12 Sep 2021

“Bad management caused me to leave a job where i worked with some of my best friends.”

Kitchen Manager
16 Jul 2021

“Diversified place to work and friendly”

State of WyomingState of Wyoming
Kitchen Supervisor
23 Jan 2021

“Great leaders and team ethic motivated.”

11 Jan 2020

“You get to work alongside some of the best restaurateurs in the world and meet some incredibly influential people.”

J D WetherspoonJ D Wetherspoon
Kitchen Team Leader
26 Aug 2019

“Good bonuses but only if your pub is profitable”

Kitchen Manager
2 Mar 2020

“I don't really know I'm an overnight manager nights are the best for me”

Kitchen Manager
28 Jan 2021

“Good pay – started at $11/hour and worked my way up to $14”

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Kitchen Staff/Kitchen Manager jobs

Frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of a staff kitchen manager

When working as a staff kitchen manager, the most common skills you will need to perform your job and for career success are Positive Attitude, Motivated, Meditation, Willingness to LEARN and Attention To Detail.

The most similar professions to staff kitchen manager are:
  • Store Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Chef
  • Line Cook

The most common qualifications to become a staff kitchen manager is a minimum of a Associate's Degree and an average of 0 - 1 of experience not including years spent in education and/or training.