Senior Vice President Sales Engineering Overview

What does a Senior Vice President Sales Engineering do?

Sales engineers are in the business of selling advanced scientific and technical products to businesses and organizations. As a sales engineer, you have training in both engineering (or an industry-related science field) and sales. You envision, design and sell new products or programs you help develop in order to increase your clients' output and profit. Your job, as a knowledgeable sales engineer, is to negotiate product or service sales that would benefit your clients. Sales engineers work in many fields of production, including the technology, manufacturing and service industries.

Most sales engineers must hold at least an Associate or bachelor's Degree in Engineering or another industry-related field. Two to four years of education are required to earn these degrees. You must be an expert in your industry in order to provide productive sales and happy customers. Sales engineers must also have strong organizational, critical and analytical thinking skills.

What responsibilities are common for Senior Vice President Sales Engineering jobs?
  • Present products or services in your industry that would be beneficial to your client business
  • Plan detailed presentations that show clients your product info, pricing, and benefits
  • Develop products or program suggestions for clients and successfully sell them
  • Manage billing and delivery of solid products
  • Meet with clients at appointments for sales presentations
  • Follow up on solid products to ensure the customer is happy
  • Stay knowledgeable your field's updates in science and research by continuing to read and study new data
  • Acquire new customers by winning them over from competitors and discovering new opportunities
What are the typical qualifications for Senior Vice President Sales Engineering jobs?
  • Willingness and ability to travel 10% to 70% of the time, depending on the position and sales role
  • Creativity to approach sales and build customer relationships in groundbreaking new ways
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Previous experience in business-to-business (B2B) sales
  • Solid experience in your products' industry
  • Excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for detail
  • Computer proficiency and the ability to accurately enter data and generate reports
  • Negotiation and social problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a high-stress sales environment and multitask
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Senior Vice President Sales Engineering Insights

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Strategic Sales Engineer
11 Aug 2022

“So many opportunities to grow and learn from some of the most experienced leaders in the industry.”

4 Oct 2022

“It's a great place to grow and be truly nurtured in your career no matter what stage.”

Semos CloudSemos Cloud
Presales Specialist
24 Aug 2022

“Opportunities to learn and connect with the 'best of the best' in the industry.”

Customer Support Engineer L2
28 Jul 2022

“Kaseya is growing rapidly which means there are many opportunities for career and personal growth.”

Customer Engineer
14 Apr 2022

“The pay wasn't the best but I understood the sacrifice and was more than happy to contribute.”

Tech Sales Engineer/Product Support
7 Oct 2022

“Great balance work / private life : we have all the tools to manage it the way we want”

Reed Elsevier Shared ServicesReed Elsevier Shared Services
Pre-Sales Engineer
1 Aug 2022

“Work Life Balance is pretty bad or maybe it was me how couldn't say no.”

Applications Sales Manager
9 Sept 2022

“Many internal career progression opportunities within the org if that is what you're seeking.”

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Frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of sales engineers

During their workday, sales engineers communicate with customers or potential customers. They use their expertise in the technical side of a product to help customers understand how the product they sell works for the customer's business. They answer questions and provide technical feedback inside their own company to help improve the product for sale and improve communication to customers.

Yes, a great part about being a sales engineer is that they are very valuable to companies that sell a technical product. A sales engineer can help a customer understand specifically how the product can be helpful to the customer's business needs. Sales engineers are often a vital part of a sales team because they help close sales with technical expertise. Becoming a sales engineer requires developing a dual skill set that's highly valued.

Because every prospective customer has different needs and questions, there can be some challenges to working as a sales engineer. As most of the day is spent talking, listening, and resolving concerns, sales engineers should have great listening skills and the ability to think quickly to answer how the product for sale can help.

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