What does an Adjunct Social Worker do?

Social workers provide direct service that assists clients with their needs that pertain to everyday life issues, complications, and problems, including incidents of neglect, abuse, or domestic violence, or with mental health, and substance abuse challenges. Social workers also assist with adoption and terminal illness diagnoses and work with specific populations, including children, the disabled, and the addiction community.

Social workers collaborate with their clients to assess their goals and adjust them as needed. When appropriate, they may also offer their clients and patients outside referrals for support groups or other mental health professionals. Social workers may work with a client or patient to craft a plan with coping strategies that address their health or well-being. If needed, social workers may also work with the client or patient to secure government intervention or assistance if necessary, or to respond to moments of crises. Social workers need a minimum bachelor's degree in social work and certification or a master's degree.

What responsibilities are common for Adjunct Social Worker jobs?
  • Enable families and children to utilize appropriate community resources.
  • Assist residents and families with social, emotional, and family issues.
  • Develop a plan of care including goals and anticipated outcomes.
  • Monitor and evaluate the social work services furnished.
  • Participate in and support safety meetings, training, and goals.
  • Perform outreach in varying communities around the state.
  • Identify and address psychosocial needs of patient and family.
  • Coordinate completion of the quarterly evaluation with the task supervisors.
  • Submit reports and review reports or problems with manager.
  • Assist with outreach in the community for new client referrals.
  • Handle stressful and emergency situations in a calm, professional manner.
What are the typical qualifications for Adjunct Social Worker jobs?
  • Bachelor's or Graduate's Degree in behavioral sciences, counseling, social sciences or equivalent experience.
  • A natural leader and advocate.
  • Familiar with intake and client or patient onboarding processes.
  • Collaborate with others in a professional manner.
  • Conduct motivational interviewing and pays close attention to detail.
  • Possesses sound critical thinking skills and can assist patients/clients with problem solving.
  • Understand HIPAA laws and protocols.
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Adjunct Social Worker Career Path

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Adjunct Social Worker
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Director of Social Work
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Adjunct Social Worker Insights

Read what Adjunct Social Worker professionals have to say about their job experiences and view top companies for this career.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas | HCSCBlue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas | HCSC
Support Worker
28 May 2021

“The facility was very close to my apartment and It was top rated and with good reviews.”

Dayton Children's HospitalDayton Children's Hospital
Medical Social Worker
31 Jan 2021

“Fantastic supervisor; she is very supportive and is one of the best bosses I’ve ever had.”

Glenholme GroupGlenholme Group
Support Worker
4 May 2022

“The service users are great and it’s amazing if you actually get to work with them and support them.”

Friends of Crown Heights Educational CentersFriends of Crown Heights Educational Centers
Social Worker
27 Feb 2023

“I felt supported and saw how everyone was interested in and involved in my personal and professional growth.”

Michigan Department of Health and Human ServicesMichigan Department of Health and Human Services
Child Welfare Supervisor
14 Aug 2022

“Workers and supervisors are pressured to close cases to maintain caseload count within federal oversight requirements.”

LiN GroupLiN Group
Support Worker
7 Jan 2022

“No one listens or if they do it is not active listening and they are just paying lip servce.”

SafeHouse of Shelby County
Domestic Violence Shelter Advocate
25 Jan 2021

“Great way to learn about the dynamics of domestic violence and provide direct services to this population.”

Signpost Signpost
Support Worker
27 Jan 2022

“Such an amazing group to work with and I am so proud to be apart of this company.”

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Frequently asked questions about the role and responsibilities of social workers

Social workers spend a typical day helping people cope with issues and challenges they face every day. They can work with different demographics of people or on specific issues. Clinical social workers work as therapists, diagnosing and treating patients who have emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders.

One of the benefits of being a social worker is becoming an advocate for someone who needs assistance. The feel-good nature of this is a major benefit for those who find joy in helping others. Additionally, social work is great if you don't enjoy doing the exact same thing every day. Tasks are often varied from day to day and from case to case.

Working as a social worker can be challenging at times because it may be stressful and emotionally taxing. The working conditions can also be daunting, especially when dealing with difficult clients. Also, some social workers work on evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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